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The car accident claim process

Parts and paints are ordered in - The repair begins

With the repair estimate authorised by the third-party insurer, the accident repair centre handling your vehicle's repairs begins the repair process. This starts with the repair centre ordering the necessary parts and paints.

We’re proud to put quality first

We believe that, as the accident wasn't your fault, it’s only fair that your vehicle deserves to be fully restored to its pre-accident condition and value. To do this, we use the highest quality materials for your vehicle.

When it comes to your specific vehicle, this means repairing the way the manufacturer wants to repair it: Using only new, manufacturer-approved parts and paints.

Unlike an insurer-approved repair, our BSI Accredited Repair Network are held to a higher standard of repair. Your car is in the best place for its repair.

Using manufacturer approved parts and paints

Using Manufacturer-approved parts and paint

We use manufacturer-approved parts and paints in all our repairs to maintain your vehicle's safety, performance, and longevity.

  • Safety: Genuine parts are designed and tested to meet rigorous safety standards, ensuring they function as intended in the event of another accident.
  • Fit and Finish: Manufacturer-approved parts are guaranteed to fit perfectly. Using these original parts and paints also match the original aesthetics of your vehicle, maintaining its appearance and resale value.
  • Performance: OEM (Original equipment manufacturer) parts are engineered to work seamlessly with your vehicle's systems, preserving its performance and fuel efficiency.
  • Your vehicle's warranty: If your vehicle was still in warranty when the accident happened, using manufacturer-approved parts can be a necessity to your warranty continuing after the accident and repair (See your warranty terms and conditions).
  • Warranty of parts: Using genuine parts often comes with manufacturer warranties, giving you added peace of mind.
Preparation for repair

Parts Ordering and Tracking

The repairer places orders for all necessary parts. They track the orders to ensure timely delivery. If there are any potential delays, they will communicate this with your dedicated claims handler, who will update you right away.

Preparation for Repair

While awaiting parts delivery, the repairer prepares the vehicle for the repair process. This may involve dismantling damaged sections, cleaning the repair areas, and protecting adjacent panels from overspray or accidental damage.

Commencement of Repairs

With all parts in hand and preparations complete, the skilled technicians begin the actual repair work. This involves a wide range of accident repair methods.

Quality first. Efficiency next.
Lifetime Guarantee on Repairs

Your vehicle's repairs are backed by our lifetime guarantee on all workmanship, for as long as you own the car. This means you can have peace of mind knowing that if any issues come up related to the repairs, we'll take care of it.

Quality first. Efficiency next.

With a focus on quality first, our nationwide accident repair network also consists only of reliable, efficient suppliers. Their objective is to restore your vehicle to it’s pre-accident condition, and to get you back in your vehicle without unnecessary delays. Throughout, the repairer will conduct ongoing quality checks to ensure the work meets high standards.

We keep you updated throughout

We maintain close communication with the repair centre to provide you with regular updates. You'll be always be informed when:

  • The parts and paints have been ordered
  • The parts and paints arrive
  • The repair commences
  • The repair is complete
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