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We are Auto Claims Assist.

An Accident Management Company that operates throughout the United Kingdom with our head office based in Manchester.

We provide start-to-finish claims management services to help and support people throughout the UK who have been involved in a non-fault road traffic accident.

Accident Management Specialists

We’re proud to say that we are leading Accident Management Specialists for Road Traffic Accident Claims.

Auto Claims Assist - Who we are.

Auto Claims Assist Ltd are a national Accident Management Company who were founded in 2009.

Our skilled team has over 30 years of experience in the complexities of Accident Claims Management.

Our Mission

Our Mission.

Our mission is to help you get back on the road as quickly and as easily as possible after a road traffic accident.

To accomplish this we:

Our Accident Management Company

Our Accident Management Company.

Our Accident Management Company ethos is based on giving you the best customer experience possible.

Things can be challenging after a road traffic accident.

This is why we provide around the clock assistance to help you, should you be unfortunate enough to be involved in a car crash.

After a non-fault road traffic accident, the best option for you will always be an Accident Management Company.

This is because the claims management services are provided independently to your insurer, giving you full control of the situation.

Our promise to you, as an Accident Management Company, is that we’ll provide the most reliable, informed and best value service to you, in this time of need.

Browse the services that we provide to you after a non-fault accident:

  • Accident Recovery
  • Comparable vehicle replacement
  • Accident claims management
  • Personal injury

If you’re still not sure what an accident management company is or what accident management specialists do, allow us to give you a callback or continue reading through this page for more information on an Accident Management Company and more about Auto Claims Assist.

What does an Accident Management Company do?

The idea of an accident management company at this point may sound intriguing but you might be not entirely sure what they do.

Put simply, we handle EVERYTHING for you after a non-fault accident at NO COST to you.

Our daily objective is to assist a non-fault accident party (you) get back on the road as quickly as possible after your road traffic accident.

We are completely independent and our only responsibility is to you, our client.

The main function of an Accident Management Company is to manage the full accident claim from start to finish.

Our team are experts at dealing with all parties and organisations involved.

We’ve developed streamlined Accident management processes which stop any unnecessary delays or issues, but our processes ensure that your process leaves no stone unturned.

If end-customers try to manage claims themselves, there are many aspects that may not get considered when it comes to:

  • Provide a comparable replacement vehicle
  • Recovering costs.
  • Covering damages and losses.
  • Organising thorough repairs.
  • Reports and certificates.
  • Knowing what to watch out for.
What Does An Accident Management Company Do

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    Choosing between an Accident Management Company or the insurance company.

    Insurance companies have their own methods of approaching accident situations. Unfortunately for the non-fault driver involved, these methods do not prioritise your wellbeing or vehicle requirements.

    These methods will usually have cost savings very high on the agenda.

    But why is this fair on the non-fault driver? Who pays consistent insurance premiums year-on-year?

    As Accident Management Specialists, we ensure that you receive everything that you’re entitled to, without any corners cut based on cost-savings.

    As an independent Accident Management Company, we handle your case fairly. But most importantly; at no cost to you.

    The reality is; an Accident Management Company does not benefit from the attempts at cost-cutting from the insurer's side of the process.

    As a result, an accident management company is 100% on your (the non-fault parties) side.

    Focused on ensuring that your experience is fully inclusive of everything you need during your downtime.

    One common mistake that people make after they’ve had a non-fault accident is to instantly ring their insurance provider to discuss their options.

    Whilst phoning your insurer may seem logical, it is not beneficial to the non-fault party. If anything, quite the opposite.

    You risk losing your no claims bonus.
    Even if the accident wasn’t your fault, you risk having to make a claim and paying excess.

    You risk higher insurance premiums.
    Until the claim is finalised, your insurance policy will have an on-going claim. It’s likely that your next insurance premium renewal will be due during this process and you will experience price increases for this.

    You won’t receive a comparable replacement vehicle.
    Many drivers will be given a vehicle of a different size or spec to their own. This can be impractical for their vehicle needs.

    You may not get a say in your repair.
    Your insurance company may decide to cost-cut during the repair of your vehicle. The garage and parts may not be most suited for your vehicle.

    Using an Accident Management Company will lead to:

    • A better end result.
    • A professionally managed service.
    • The best experience for you.
    • Overall less stress.

    The Accident Management
    Company Process.

    The Accident Management Company Process

    The accident management process with Auto Claims Assist is really straightforward.

    It is way easier than dealing with the process on your own.

    The benefit of being accident management specialists since 2009 is that we’ve developed a journey that is:

    • Smooth
    • Hassle-free
    • Reliable
    • Professional
    • Experienced

    We want to make things as easy as possible for you, the client.

    We Want To Make Things Easy

    Our accident management specialists operate across the UK.

    We have an established network of repair garages to effectively manage your claim after a road traffic accident.

    The three main steps to our accident management client journey are:

    1. Get In Touch
    2. Claims Set Up & Management
    3. Roadside Recovery
    4. Vehicle Replacement (comparable)
    5. Vehicle Storage
    6. Vehicle Repair & Management
    7. Personal Injury
    8. Back On The Road

    We pride ourselves on our easy to understand services.

    Our customers love that we are genuine and personal accident management specialists that put their needs first.

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    Accident Management Company Process

    Getting in touch and Accident Claims Management.

    Getting in Touch

    Being involved in a non-fault accident is an unfortunate and challenging situation.

    It’s very important in the moment of a crash to try and keep your head clear and focus on getting all the information you need.

    You should still call the emergency services even if no one sufferers a severe injury.

    Once you’ve checked that everyone is okay, you need to be certain that the accident wasn’t your fault.

    With everyone safe and the situation calmed, get in touch with the accident management specialists at Auto Claims Assist.

    We will open the claim by taking all of the relevant details.

    From here, you’ll be assigned a dedicated claim handler to manage your claim.

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    Accident Management Company Process

    Accident Recovery.

    Accident Recovery

    Our Accident Recovery team will then make their way to you promptly.

    The priority will be to move your vehicle to a safe place using a careful process.

    We will then clean up the scene, collecting any car parts and debris.

    Once the scene is cleared, we will tow your vehicle away to the nearest, safest location.

    From here, we will organise full storage of your vehicle until it’s ready for repairs.

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    Accident Management Company Process

    Comparable vehicle replacement.

    Like For Like Replacement

    The very first concern you have right now is “…but I need a car to use!“.

    Vehicle replacement is a service that we specialise in.

    By choosing to use an Accident Management Company, you’ll be guaranteed a vehicle with a comparable specification to your own.

    Going directly, insurance companies will make attempts to avoid offering this level of service.

    As part of your claims management, we will process the costs of a comparable replacement through the at-fault parties' insurance.

    We will have the comparable replacement to you from within 3 hours of your call to us.

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    Accident Management Company Process

    Accident Repair.

    Accident Repair

    The next priority is to get your damaged vehicle repaired after an accident.

    We don’t want the repair process to cause any delays.

    So to create a fluid process in accident repairs, we have established a 400+ trusted repair garage network.

    This allows us to provide local repairs for you, but to ensure we aren’t restricted by busy garages and long wait times.

    Our repair network consists of specialist garages, manufacturer-approved garages and highly trusted garages. For example, if you have an accident in a BMW, we will ensure that new and genuine BMW parts are used during the repair.

    We’re able to find the perfect fit, no matter what damage has occurred or type of vehicle you have.

    Your dedicated claims handler will keep you up to date throughout the repair process.

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    Accident Management Company Process

    Back on the road & Personal Injury Claims.

    Back on the road

    At this point, your vehicle is repaired and everything is going smoothly with your accident claims management.

    You will receive a full vehicle accident report.

    This will give you all the details of your vehicle's repair and current status.

    Your vehicle’s safety will always be the No.1 priority at this stage.

    We want you to feel safe knowing that you are driving a safe and secure vehicle.

    We’ll hand back the keys and the process will be complete.

    In addition to our general accident claims management, we also have a panel of partnered solicitors.

    We work with our specialist personal injury solicitors to organise personal injury claims that you’re entitled to.

    Our accident claims management services cover the entire UK.

    This includes Accident Recovery, Accident Repair and Accident Replacement.

    We’re proud to be able to offer you a fast, convenient and reliable service no matter where you are.

    Sometimes, accidents aren’t as straight forward as we’d like them to be.

    There can be multiple factors that lead to an accident.

    If you believe that an accident wasn’t your fault, we’ll be able to help you as soon as we’ve established some key details.

    If both you and the either party believe you’re not at fault, it may require witnesses or third party evidence to establish who was really at fault for the accident.

    Back in 2019, the FCA (financial conduct authority) became a new regulator of all Claims management businesses (CMCs). During the same time, the Financial Ombudsman Service became responsible for resolving customer disputes about Claims Management Businesses. Offering further assistance and assurances to the general public considering using a claims management company.

    Auto Claims Assist is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under reference FRN830899.

    After a non-fault accident, you don’t NEED to use a claims management company (credit hire company) but it is highly advised that you do so. This is because an established claims management company has years of experience and fully understands the claims process after a road traffic accident.

    3 of the most beneficial reasons for using a claims management company are:

    1. You will not have to pay an insurance excess when you use a claims management company

    2. You will be provided with a like-for-like vehicle replacement, very quickly, at no cost to you if you use a claims management company.

    3. Using a claims management company is at no cost to you. All of the costs and losses are covered by the at-fault party’s insurance.

    As a non-fault party looking to use an Accident management company (Also known as Claims Management Company or Credit Hire Company), the use of an accident management company is at no cost to you. As part of our claims management service, we ensure that all costs and losses are covered by the at-fault parties’ insurance company. Using an accident management company truly is a no-brainer.

    As a step-by-step process, a claims management company (or also known as an accident management company) will initially collect all of the information and details of the road traffic accident. The next priority is to ensure that the non-fault party receives a like-for-like vehicle replacement ASAP. Auto Claims Assist also offer a 24hr accident management service with 24/7 accident management phone lines.

    Vehicle repair and storage is the next step: Carrying out a vehicle damage assessment and understanding any personal injuries that may have occurred, ensuring that the vehicle is properly repaired and stored while working with a panel of qualified, specialist personal injury solicitors to provide proper care of your injuries and losses.

    Finally, an accident management company will recover all of the non-fault party costs and losses, as well as conclude the full legal claim.

    An accident management company offers start-to-finish handling of a claim for someone who has been involved in a road traffic accident. One of the main benefits of using an accident management company is the accident management advice that you receive.

    For the at-fault party in an accident, using their insurance company is the only option. However, for the not-at-fault party, going through their insurance company isn’t the most effective decision to make because it can affect their no claims bonus and insurance premiums.

    An accident management company will lower the risk for your case through expertise, accident management solutions and the correct processes. Auto claims assist also has a dedicated accident management software to ensure efficiency. Having that professional hand to hold during the process gives the guidance you need to navigate through your claim to come out to the end as least affected as possible.

    The best part is: there are no costs to the not-at-fault party in the accident for using an accident management company, and they don’t even need to pay their excess! All costs are covered by the at-fault parties’ insurer.