What is a non fault claim?

If you have a car accident, there is a difference between a general claim and a non fault claim.

It’s important that you understand the difference

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what is a non fault claim
Non fault claim process

The non fault claim process.

A non fault claim directly claims against the other driver’s insurance, rather than claiming against a drivers own policy.

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Deciding who to contact is vital.

The first mistake non fault drivers make is calling their own insurance first. A driver’s own insurer initiates the claim against their own policy.

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Deciding who to contact
Non fault policy excess

Non fault policy excess

An insurer will request payment of policy excess. This isn’t a non fault claim and can be avoided with an Accident Management Company.

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Non Fault Affects to a policy

A general claim will affect a driver’s own insurance, whereas a non fault claim will not affect a driver’s own insurance policy when initiated.

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Non Fault Affects to a policy
A replacement vehicle
A replacement vehicle

A general claim will provide a basic courtesy car, whereas a non fault claim should provide a comparable replacement, at no cost.

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Avoid the stress of a claim

A non fault claim will focus on keeping inconvenience to a minimum. This includes no stress of managing the non fault claim.

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Avoid the stress of a claim
ACA Non Fault Solution
How we help

If you're still uncertain about what is a non fault claim, Auto Claims Assist are the one-stop-shop professional non-fault claims solution. No cost to you. Protect your policy. Dedicated claims manager.

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