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We break down the decision between partnering with an Accident
Management Company or choosing your own insurance company
after a non-fault accident.

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Accident Management Company VS Insurance Company

Using your own insurer could leave you Worse Off.

Going Direct To Your Insurer: Making a Claim Can Lead to Increased Premiums.

By law, you have the right to choose how you claim.

If you make a claim on your insurance, your claim will be classed as open until all the costs have been recovered by your insurer. It could take 12 months for your insurer to recover all its losses.

Your premium may increase anywhere between 20%-50% regardless of whether it’s fault or non-fault, as you are seen as a higher risk.

In addition, this could have an effect on your future policies for the next 5 years because when renewing insurers ask for your claims history over this period.

Going Direct To Your Insurer: You Will Have to Pay Your Excess.

When you take out your insurance policy, you opt to pay an excess in the event of an accident.

As such, if you make a claim, you are responsible to cover the agreed excess and depending on the excess agreed upon when the policy was taken out, it could be several hundred pounds.

Going Direct To Your Insurer: Your No Claims Bonus Could Be Affected.

When you make a claim on your insurance, even if your no claims is protected it could be reduced by 2 years.

If they are not protected, you could lose them altogether.

It could take at least 12 months for your insurer to recover all of their losses and only if they do will your no claims be unaffected.

Regardless of no claims bonus, your premium may still increase anywhere between 20% – 50% as any accident is seen as a future risk by insurers and could affect you for the next 5 years.

Insurers ask about previous claims history over this period when renewing.

Going Direct To Your Insurer: Insurer Approved Repairers.

They do not use genuine parts when repairing vehicles.

Going Direct To Your Insurer: An Insurers Goal is to Save as Much Money As Possible.

An Insurer aims to keep the cost of repairs as low as possible, their approved repairer will agree to reduced labour rates, paint and parts prices.

To offer these reduced prices the approved repairer may fit inferior parts to keep the costs down.

This could affect any warranty you have on your vehicle.

Using aftermarket parts for example which are not genuine and therefore not vigorously tested by the manufacturer. This may affect the overall quality of the repair. It is recommended to use genuine OEM parts.

Going Direct To Your Insurer: You Could Be Charged If You Choose Your Own Repairer.

Your insurer may charge you an extra lump sum for using your own repairer.

This is because they want you to use their network repairer so they can save money.

This is unfair because by law you are entitled to use any repairer you want to fix your vehicle.

Should this happen, you would be on your own to challenge the increased fees with your insurer.

Going Direct To Your Insurer: A Courtesy Car MIGHT Be Offered, But It Will Be Basic.

If you use your insurer’s approved repairer and your vehicle is repairable (one is not supplied if your own is written off or stolen), you may be offered a courtesy vehicle that is usually a small 1.0 hatchback that may not meet your needs.

It will also be taken away if the repairs exceed the maximum number of days your policy permits you to have a courtesy car (usually no more than 21 days).

Going Direct To Your Insurer: Will Likely Under Value Your Vehicle In The Event It Is Written Off.

Your insurer may undervalue your vehicle in order to save money.

It would be down to you to provide evidence that it is worth more, this means going through online websites such as Auto Trader to find the true value of your vehicle.

It could result in you having to pay for an independent engineer to value the vehicle, a cost of which you would not get back.

This could be a long and exhaustive process to get what you are entitled to, and the insurer will likely challenge your evidence to keep costs down.

Going Direct To Your Insurer: Your Claim Would Be Referred To An Accident Management Company For A Referral Fee.

Insurance companies do not own a fleet of vehicles, nor do they have an army of claims handlers to deal with your claim.

They want to do one thing: Insure vehicles and take the premiums.

Handling a claim requires expertise and has a cost of employing claims handlers which most insurers do not want to do, as most will have an arrangement with an accident management company like us to provide you with a vehicle and handle the claim.

The Benefits Of Using An Accident Management Company.

550+ Five Star Reviews From our Customers on Trust Pilot.

Our reviews demonstrate our commitment to providing excellent service to all our customers in their time of need.

FCA Regulated.

We are an awarding winning FCA Regulated company that has been within the industry for over 10 years.

Experienced and Dedicated Claims Handler.

No long holding queues or generic email addresses, you will be provided a direct dial and email address for your claims handler who will walk you through the whole process taking away the stress and hassle of dealing with a claim.

No Excess To Pay.

You will have no expensive excess to pay, all costs are recovered from the at fault insurance company.

No Claims Bonus UNAFFECTED.

As you are not claiming from your insurance policy, your no claims bonus and premiums will remain unaffected.

Comparable Replacement Vehicle Provided.

Whether you own Bentley or a Ford Fiesta, we can provide a Comparable Replacement Vehicle delivered anywhere in the UK within 4 hours of case acceptance, ensuring you are placed back into the same position as you were prior to the accident.

24/7 Nationwide Recovery and Secure Storage.

We can arrange collection of your damaged vehicle whether it is at the roadside or outside your home address, ensuring it is moved out of harm’s way into secure storage.

Independent Engineers.

An Independent engineer conducts an accurate and unbiased damage assessment/vehicle valuation on your vehicle ensuring you receive the compensation you deserve.

National Repair Network.

Our repair network use manufacturer approved parts and paints during repair.

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