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Road Traffic Accident Claims are usually initiated
by a person who has had an accident that was no
fault of their own. It can be extremely frustrating
to be involved in a road traffic accident.

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Road Traffic Accident Claims

Most people feel shocked and shaken, even if they don’t seem to be physically injured. It can be difficult to take in what has happened and it is normal to feel overwhelmed. You may also feel angry, confused, scared or helpless.

These are all perfectly natural reactions.

You may be left wondering whether you should make a road traffic accident claim. Road traffic accident claims can seem daunting in themselves, though… don’t they?

It’s a horrible situation because you’ve possibly been stuck with:

  • A damaged vehicle that may not be drivable or safe.
  • Injuries to you or your passengers; concernedly life-changing ones at that.
  • Worries over unexpected financial outlay that you may now face.
  • And uncertainty about road traffic accident claims; something you may have never dealt with in your life before.

All of this even though the accident wasn’t caused by you.

Knowing where to start is the key to smooth sailing from here on out.

Fortunately, you’re on our website – Auto Claims Assist.

We are an accident management company that specialises specifically in Non-Fault Road Traffic Accident Claims.

Your first contact after an accident can be one of the most important.

By choosing Auto Claims Assist for your non-fault Road Traffic Accident Claim, you’ll be covering all bases across the claim, from start to finish. We manage road traffic accident claims from the moment you speak to us, until the moment that your claim is concluded.

If you speak to your own insurance company, you risk putting your own insurance policy at risk.

If you speak directly with a personal injury solicitor, the other factors of a road traffic accident may get overlooked.

Whereas, if you speak to an accident management company, we manage every aspect of your road traffic accident claim.

We are an independent, on-your-side accident claims management solution.

If you have had an accident that wasn’t your fault, Auto Claims Assist is the most beneficial first point of contact. Call us today on 0330 128 1407 or contact us here to learn how we can help you after a non-fault accident.

Road Traffic Accident Specialists

Factors To Consider For Road Traffic Accident Claims.

There are multiple factors to consider when processing road traffic accident claims.

Accident Claims Management Companies, like ourselves at Auto Claims Assist, are usually the only type of company which will help to cover and manage all of the factors involved.

Vehicle Accident Recovery At The Roadside.

Depending on the extent of the damage, your vehicle may be able to be driven away from the accident site. However, If the damage is significant, or you are not sure if it is safe to drive, then you should consider contacting an Accident Recovery Services.

Accident Recovery can be daunting and also costly depending on what you choose to do. Even this early in the process; non-fault drivers can feel the financial sting of a non-fault accident.

Providing that the accident wasn’t your fault; Auto Claims Assist have a non-fault accident recovery service, ready and waiting on 0330 128 1407.

As part of choosing us for your road traffic accident claim, and providing we can take on your case, your recovery will be at no cost to you within your credit hire service. We cover the costs for you and claim them back from the at-fault driver’s insurer.

Initiating your road traffic accident claim.

To start your claim, you will need to gather evidence to support your road traffic accident claim before processing through to the next stage.

This evidence can include things like:

  • Photographs of the accident scene.
  • Witness statements.
  • Your medical records.
  • And more…

Knowing what to do in a car accident is important to the success of road traffic accident claims.

By choosing Auto Claims Assist, you’ll be assigned a dedicated claims handler who will guide you through every step of the way.

They will assist in evidence gathering and preparing all of the correct information to kick-start the process efficiently. Doing this properly will help to avoid issues down the line.

Negotiations will then begin and you’ll be kept in the loop the entire time, but without the hassle of having to deal with any of the claims yourself.

Does initiating a claim mean that I need to go to court?

Don’t be too worried about going to court. In the majority of cases, negotiations with the other driver’s insurance or representative lead to successful conclusions without a court hearing. Even if a court date is issued, it’s still likely that your claim might conclude before that date comes up. We find that on average 95% of cases are settled without the need to go to court.

However, should a case proceed to a court hearing; your dedicated claims handler will ensure that everything is processed correctly; leaving you without the stress or concern of it all. Our panel of solicitors will be dedicated to ensuring that justice results in a fair outcome.

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    Replacing your vehicle with a comparable spec.

    After an event as traumatic as a car accident, the last thing you want to worry about is how you’re going to replace your vehicle while yours is off the road.

    If you choose to go another way…

    • Your insurer may only provide a basic courtesy car; and only when one is available.
    • By working with anything other than a credit hire company, you might find you have to outlay the funds to hire a vehicle while yours is away; hoping to claim it all back afterwards.

    Whereas, with credit hire, we can provide a replacement vehicle that is exactly like your old one, from within 4 hours of the accident, but without any of the hassle or expense.

    We will arrange for a replacement vehicle to be delivered to you, so you can carry on with your life as normal.

    The replacement vehicle will be of the same specification as your vehicle, no matter how luxurious or large that may be. You won’t have to make any compromises.

    You won’t have to pay a penny for the replacement vehicle, as we will cover the cost of hire and reclaim the costs from the other driver’s insurer.

    We provide you with the replacement throughout the entire duration that yours is away, even while your vehicle is being repaired. You won’t be left stranded.

    Repairing your vehicle at no cost to you.

    The repair of your vehicle is another factor that needs to be taken into consideration during road traffic accident claims.

    By not choosing the accident claims route wisely after the accident, a non-fault driver could end up having to financially outlay the costs of the accident repairs; then being made to wait until the claim’s conclusion to be re-paid those costs.

    Through credit hire, an accident management company can get your vehicle repaired and back on the road without you having to pay out.

    Then, just like with the vehicle replacement, the accident management company will re-claim those costs back from the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

    Repairing Your Vehicle
    Storing Your Vehicle

    Storing your vehicle securely while it’s being repaired.

    Factors that you may be worried about are:

    • What will happen to your vehicle while it’s off the road and being repaired?
    • Will it be secure?
    • Where will it be stored?

    That’s why we offer a secure storage solution for your vehicle while it’s:

    • Off the road
    • Waiting for repair

    Claiming for any injuries and losses you and your passengers may have sustained.

    If you’ve been in a road traffic accident that wasn’t your fault, you may be able to claim compensation for any injuries and losses you or your passengers have sustained. An accident management company can help you through the claims process, ensuring that you receive the maximum amount of compensation possible.

    We work with a panel of expert personal injury solicitors to make this happen for you, and continue to help with the management of your claim – ensuring nothing is forgotten or overlooked.

    There are a few things to bear in mind when making a claim for injuries and losses sustained in a road traffic accident:

    First, you’ll need to gather evidence to support your claim: This may include medical records, police reports, and witness statements.

    Second, you’ll need to calculate the value of your claim: This includes not only the cost of any medical treatment you’ve received, but also any lost earnings and other financial losses.

    Finally, the negotiations with the other driver’s insurance company to get the best possible settlement: Working with our panel of expert personal injury solicitors, we’ll work together on a fair and reasonable result.

    Vehicle diminution and making a
    diminution claim.

    Vehicle diminution is the loss in value of a vehicle as a result of damage, repairs or other factors.

    An important factor to consider when making a claim for vehicle damages after an accident; it is important to take into account any potential loss in value of your vehicle. This is common in more prestige and high-end vehicles.

    If your vehicle has been damaged, repaired or is otherwise worth less than it was before the incident, you may be able to make a claim for diminution in value. This can be claimed as part of your overall damages, or separately.

    A non-fault accident specialist, such as Auto Claims Assist, will include diminution claims within your accident management process.

    If a non-fault driver chooses to contact their insurance company directly, or just work with a dedicated personal injury solicitor, for example; they may find that finer details, such as diminution claims, get overlooked.

    Diminution claims are slightly more specialist. As a credit hire company, we take vehicle damages very seriously as part of road traffic accident claims.

    Your Auto Claims Assist dedicated claims handler will help you to expertly assess the loss in value of your vehicle, caused by the accident, and will negotiate with the other party’s insurance company on your behalf. All costs associated with calculating loss of value and claiming back the costs will be covered by the at-fault driver’s insurance policy. There will be no cost to you for this privilege.

    Getting you back on the road, safely and confidently.

    An accident management company helps non-fault drivers to get back on the road, safely and confidently after road traffic accidents and road traffic accident claims.

    We provide a range of services to help you recover from your accident, including arranging repairs, replacement vehicle and providing support and advice throughout the process.

    We work with a network of carefully selected repairers and suppliers who meet our high standards, so you know that you and your vehicle are in safe hands.

    Our goal is to get you back on the road as soon as possible, with minimum inconvenience and stress. We’ll go above and beyond to make the accident process as smooth and easy as possible for you.

    If you’ve been involved in a road traffic accident, call us today on 0330 128 1407 and we’ll be happy to help.

    Yourself & Your Passengers In An Accident.

    If you have been involved in a road traffic accident, it is important to seek medical help as soon as possible, even if you do not think you are injured. Some injuries, such as whiplash, may not be immediately apparent but can still cause long-term problems.

    If you delay seeking medical treatment, it may be more difficult to prove that your injuries were caused by the accident, and you may have more difficulty processing a road traffic accident claim.

    Try to get the contact details of any witnesses to the accident, as their testimony may be important when making a claim.

    Safety of you and your passengers is the first priority after a car accident.

    We’ve developed a guide for what to do in a car accident, to use as a step-by-step walk-through for road traffic accident claims success if the accident wasn’t your fault.

    Determining Fault For Road Traffic Accident Claims.

    The determination of fault at the scene of an accident is the next priority once everyone is safe and any injuries are dealt with.

    Calm conversation with the other driver is really important to avoid tempers flaring.

    In some cases, fault may be clear-cut.
    For example, if one driver ran a red light and collided with another vehicle, then that driver would be liable for any damages.

    However, in other cases fault may not be so clear.
    For example, if two vehicles collide while both trying to overtake another vehicle, then it may be difficult to determine who is at fault.

    Understanding how to prove who was at fault in an accident comes down to evidence collection, as soon as possible and as much as possible.

    This includes:

    • Photographic and video evidence of the accident scene & vehicles
    • Eyewitness statements
    • Police reports
    • Details about injuries
    • Any admission of fault from the other driver
    • A detailed description of how the accident occurred

    If fault cannot be determined, then the insurance companies may have to share the cost of any damages. However, if you were not at fault for the accident, then you should not have to pay anything.

    Auto Claims Assist Are A Non-Fault Road Traffic Accident Claims Specialist.

    Auto Claims Assist have been successfully specialising in non-fault road traffic accident claims since 2009.

    Our leadership team has over 30 years of experience in the accident management market, consisting of every complexity that road traffic accidents create.

    Our mission is to support non-fault drivers, after an accident, to get back onto the road as quickly and efficiently as possible; all with as little disruption as possible to their daily lives.

    We are a company that is on your side and independent of the insurance companies involved. The benefits that we provide, our efficient service and our dedication to the non-fault driver are all why we’ve established a proud rating of excellent on Trustpilot.

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