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Founded in 2009, our non-fault experts have over 30 years of experience in the
complexities of Accident Management. We are the most beneficial first point of contact after a non-fault accident.

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Millie Brice Millie Brice

Millie Brice

New Claims Handler

Abbie Parkinson Abbie Parkinson

Abbie Parkinson

New Claims Handler

Chris Brennan Chris Brennan

Chris Brennan

Managing Director

Katie Aaron Katie Aaron

Katie Aaron

Recoveries Negotiator

Jess Kirkbride Jess Kirkbride

Jess Kirkbride

Recoveries Negotiator

David Taylor David Taylor

David Taylor


Michaela Parry Michaela Parry

Michaela Parry

HR Manager

Becky Waterhouse Becky Waterhouse

Becky Waterhouse

New Claims Handler

Nikkita Jolley Nikkita Jolley

Nikkita Jolley


Mark Andrews Mark Andrews

Mark Andrews

IT Systems Administrator

Ian Dickinson Ian Dickinson

Ian Dickinson

Recoveries Negotiator

Ron Parker Ron Parker

Ron Parker

Monitoring Claims Handler

Taya Farnworth Taya Farnworth

Taya Farnworth

Engineering Handler

Rosie Parry Rosie Parry

Rosie Parry

Employee Welfare

Ella Brennan Ella Brennan

Elle Brennan

New Claims Team Leader

Alex Nwachukuwu Alex Nwachukuwu

Alex Nwachukwu

Recoveries Team Leader

Stuart Penwarden Stuart Penwarden

Stuart Penwarden

Senior Technical Recoveries Negotiator

Courtney Dagnall Courtney Dagnall

Courtney Dagnall

Recoveries Negotiator

April Cooper April Cooper

April Cooper

Monitoring Claims Handler

Steven Payne Steven Payne

Steven Payne

Monitoring Claims Handler