Non-Fault Accident Recovery.

The scenario that nobody wants to experience. To be left stranded, roadside after a car accident wondering who recovers my car after an accident.

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When an
accident happens.

it’s nice to know that you’re in safe, capable hands.

We have a dedicated 24/7 Accident Recovery team that can assist should you have had a road traffic accident.

If you are struggling to get Accident recovery, no need to wait on hold. Get in touch now by using our non fault claim form for an instant callback. Our team are ready for any emergency roadside assistance.

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Our Accident Recovery Process.

If you are involved in a non-fault accident, it is a very unfortunate situation and a challenging one to handle on your own.

Taking a moment to think clearly is key and knowing what to do next is essential. In order to process a road traffic accident claim successfully, you need to be 100% certain that the accident wasn’t your fault.

You should still call the emergency services even if no one suffers a severe injury. Once you have established that everyone is okay and the police are on their way, you should start a conversation with the other party to discuss what has happened.

You will either:

Quickly establish who was at fault for the car crash, or it may take some time as you both believe you were not at fault. No matter what the outcome of this initial discussion is, it is important to take the other parties' details and the details of any witnesses so you can begin to gather evidence for your claim.

Once all this has happened, contact us. Either fill out our non-fault claim form or call our 24/7 Accident Recovery helpline on 0330 128 1407.

Our Accident Recovery team will respond and together we can work out the best solution for recovering your vehicle.

Either way, it’s very important that you contact Auto Claims Assist before you get in touch with your insurance company. Contacting your insurance company first is not the most beneficial way for you to deal with a Non-fault Accident.

How much does recovery cost?

How much does it cost?

The cost of Car Accident Recovery depends on multiple factors in a car accident scenario. This also depends if you were AT FAULT or if it was NOT YOUR FAULT.

If you think you were AT FAULT in the car collision, It will likely be that your insurance will help cover those costs.

If You Believe The Accident Wasn't Your Fault

However, if you believe that the car crash was NOT YOUR FAULT:

Contacting Auto Claims Assist can mean that there will be no Car Accident Recovery costs for you to recover your vehicle, but you also won’t need to go through your insurance company.

If The Accident Was Not Your Fault

If the accident was NOT YOUR FAULT

Choosing to go through your own insurance company to resolve the matter will potentially affect your no claims bonus, your premiums next renewal, and you may have to pay an excess.

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Whereas with Auto Claims Assist as your Accident Management Company, we ensure that none of those things occur.

  • You will not have to pay an excess.
  • Your no claims bonus will not be affected.
  • Your insurance renewals next year will not rise as a result of this incident.

In addition, Accident Management Services have the additional benefits of:

  • Full Accident Claims Management
  • Accident Recovery for your damaged vehicle
  • A dedicated claims handler
  • A comparable vehicle replacement during your repair
  • A Managed vehicle repair and Bodyshop service
  • Secure Vehicle Storage during the process
  • Expert information and support through the claims process
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How we help at the roadside and after Vehicle Accident Recovery.

Our team at Auto Claims Assist have developed over 30 years of experience in the complexities of Accident Claims Management.

As a result, our Accident Management Services have expanded to offer start to finish management after a road traffic accident. From Recovery to handing back your keys to be back on the road as usual.

Anytime, Anywhere.

Accident Clean up.

Accident Clean Up

You and your vehicle are the first priority. Once you and your vehicle are no longer at any risk, we organise accident clean up.

We’ll ensure that the area of the incident is clear and all parts of your vehicle are recovered and stored for you.

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Vehicle Storage.

Accident Management Vehicle Storage

Auto Claims Assist provide secure vehicle storage facilities after an accident.

You don’t have to worry about the damaged vehicle being placed on your property, or anywhere else, causing further security risks and potential damages.

Our secure vehicle storage facilities are used to protect and store your vehicle for the entire process, with no concerns about costs or duration while it is being repaired.

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Comparable vehicle replacement.

Like-For-Like Vehicle Replacement

As a credit hire company, we own and have access to a very large fleet, covering all specifications of vehicles.

After an accident that wasn’t your fault, it’s unfair for you to be offered a replacement vehicle that doesn’t match the specifications of the car that you own and drive every day.

It is even more unfair to not have a replacement vehicle at all.

Your insurance company will likely not offer a comparable replacement vehicle after an accident if you contact them directly. Some may not offer a courtesy car whatsoever.

Auto Claims Assist will ensure that, for the duration of your vehicle being away, you will have a comparable vehicle to use – at no cost to you – within 4 hours of your Non Fault Car Accident.

It is even more unfair to not have a replacement vehicle at all.

Read more about comparable Vehicle Replacement Here

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Vehicle Repair Bodyshops.

Accident Vehicle Repair

Since Auto Claims Assist’s establishment in 2009, our team of Accident management specialists have created an Accident Repair Centre Network of over 400+ trusted and manufacturer-approved garages across the UK.

Through our network and expertise, we organise the full repair of your vehicle back to its original condition before the car collision.

Not using an approved garage can cause further problems down the line:

  • If the vehicle is still in warranty, using non-manufacturer-approved parts can void the warranty.
  • If the correct repair process is not adhered to, this could cause further complications in the future.
  • If inexperienced manufacturer engineers perform the repair, the vehicle may not produce the same output and quality that it previously did.
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Personal Injury and Legal Claim.

Accident Personal Injury

Auto Claims Assist have an external panel of specialist accident personal injury solicitors. Our team and our panel of solicitors will ensure that you get the best legal representation to help with coverage for injuries, losses and damages as a result of the road traffic accident.

Discover more about how we can help with accident personal injury by clicking here.

How do I get
Accident Recovery

If you are currently roadside, searching for accident recovery services, then look no further!

Call us on 0330 128 1407 or start your non fault claim here.

We have a dedicated trained team who guide you through the entire accident recovery process. They will answer any of your questions to ensure you’re left completely in the know.

How To Get Recovery Services

You’ll be assigned a dedicated accident claim handler who will always be fully up to date with your case.

Our entire team will manage your accident claim from start to finish, offering expert and experienced advice for the duration. You will always receive the best possible outcome every step of the way as a result.

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