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The car accident claim process

Processing your claim (Overview)

There are 4 different non-fault claim processes

These are:

The process for each type of non-fault claim differs slightly.

Only one process is relevant to you

The relevant process for your claim is dictated by the circumstances of your vehicle. These circumstances include:

  • The vehicle’s damage (Is your car roadworthy or unroadworthy?)
  • The value of your vehicle and the cost of repairing your vehicle’s damage (Does the repair cost exceed 70% of the vehicle value?)
  • The age of your vehicle (Vehicles part a certain age can result in higher repair costs due to availability of parts)

While there are four processes, only one will apply to your non-fault claim.

Don’t worry, we inform you which claim process is applicable

Don’t worry, your dedicated claims handler deals with everything for you. After assessing all of the information, we will determine which process is applicable to you and advise what our next steps are in your claim.

All of this information is just so you’re better informed

We’ve put this information together to provide complete transparency of the process. Some non-fault driver’s want to know every detail of the process, while others prefer not to go into the finer details. We’ve put this information together just incase you wanted to educate yourself on the details.

We handle everything for you

Your dedicated claims handler handles everything for you, from start-to-finish. Our systems and processes are specially streamlined for non-fault claims and we keep you updated throughout. Our objective is to take the stress, cost and time away.

If you have any questions about accident management - or just want to start your claim now - you can call our New Claims team today on 0330 128 1407

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Understanding Non-fault claim types

Understanding non-fault claim types

Your vehicle is unroadworthy

This is when your vehicle has sustained damage and fails to meet UK roadworthy vehicle standards as a result. This can be an obvious functional issue, or something less obvious. It’s entirely possible that you are not yet aware of this. Our team will assess your vehicle and inform you if it is unroadworthy.

Unroadworthy overview >

Unroadworthy and repairable (Route A)

This is when a vehicle has sustained damage in an accident, is unroadworthy, but can be repaired to meet to a roadworthy standard. However, in its current state, it's unsafe and illegal to drive on public roads.

Unroadworthy repairable overview >

Unroadworthy repairable process:

Unroadworthy and a total loss (written off) (Route B)

This is when a vehicle has either been:

  1. So severely damaged in an accident that it's considered impossible to repair to a roadworthy standard
  2. or due to the value of the vehicle and the cost of the potential repairs, it is economically unviable to repair to a roadworthy standard.

Unroadworthy total loss overview >

Unroadworthy total loss process:

Unroadworthy vehicle

Your vehicle is roadworthy

This is when your vehicle meets the minimum legal requirements for safe operation on public roads. These requirements are set by the government and ensure vehicles are in a condition that doesn't pose a danger to the driver, passengers, or other road users. If there is damage to the vehicle, it’s most likely to be cosmetic.

Roadworthy overview >

Roadworthy and repairable (Route C)

This is when the damage to your vehicle as a result of the accident can be repaired back to it’s pre-accident condition. In the meantime, the car meets the minimum legal requirements for safe operation on public roads.

Roadworthy repairable overview >

Roadworthy repairable process:

Roadworthy and a total loss (written off) (Route D)

The situation where your vehicle is roadworthy but also deemed as a total loss is unique to your vehicle’s situation. This is most common when the cost of repairs would likely exceed more than 60-70% of the car's pre-accident market value. This makes the repairs financially impractical and is deemed ‘economically unviable to repair’ by the insurance companies.

Unfortunately, we are not able to process claims that are deemed as a roadworthy total loss.

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