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The car accident claim process

Repair is authorised by the third-party insurer

Once the detailed repair estimate has been submitted to the third-party insurer, the next step is obtaining their authorisation. This approval is essential to proceed with the repairs.

The Insurer Reviews The Repair Estimate

The insurer's assessment team examines the repair estimate. They make sure it aligns with industry standards, fair pricing, and the extent of the damage documented.

Repair authorisation

Clarification and Negotiations (If needed)

If the insurer has any queries or requires further justification for the repairs, we provide them with any information they need. Our experience with insurance procedures means we’re always prepared for any issues that might arise.

Repair Authorisation Confirmation

After their review, and once satisfied, the insurer approves the final assessment and estimate presented. The insurer will then issue a formal authorisation for the repairs to proceed.

Keeping you updated

Keeping You Updated

During the repair authorisation process, your dedicated claims manager will keep you up to date. We don’t make any decisions without your approval, and if you’re unsure, we are here to offer advice and guidance. You’re updated on all communication between ourselves and the third-party insurer.

Ready for Repair

Once we have the insurer’s repair approval, we move to the next step of arranging the vehicle’s repairs. In the background, your dedicated claims handler has already been preparing all of the necessities to schedule your repair, to avoid delays.

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