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The car accident claim process

All costs are claimed back from the third-party insurer

With your vehicle fully repaired and back in your possession, the final step in the accident management process is to ensure all costs incurred are recovered from the at-fault driver's insurer. This includes not only the repair expenses but also any additional costs like vehicle hire, storage fees, etc.

No cost to you

As the non-fault driver, there is no cost to you for making a non-fault claim with an accident management company. This is a primary benefit of using an accident management company.

Whereas, if you had chosen to claim with your own insurer, you’ll be required to pay your own policy excess. We avoid this financial burden completely.

All costs are claimed back

Invoice submission to the insurer

All costs associated with your claim are compiled onto an invoice. This is then submitted to the at-fault driver's insurer, accompanied by supporting documentation, like repair reports and evidence of other expenses.

Payment Processing

The at-fault driver’s insurer then processes the payment of your claims invoice, covering all of the agreed claim costs.

Payment processing

Claim Closure

With all costs recovered and all parties satisfied, your claim is officially closed, marking the successful resolution of your accident management journey.

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