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The car accident claim process

Payment is requested from the third-party insurer

Once the hire car has been returned and you’re back in your vehicle, the last step is to secure payment of costs from the third-party insurer.

Invoice submission to the insurer

We carefully document all the costs related to your claim, including repairs, replacement vehicle expenses, and any other losses you've incurred. We then send this detailed invoice, along with supporting evidence, to the at-fault driver's insurance company for payment.

Invoice submission

Payment is processed

After the settlement is reached, the at-fault driver's insurance company will pay out the full amount to cover all the agreed costs outlined in your claim.

Your Claim is Successfully Resolved

With all costs covered by the at-fault driver's insurer, your claim is officially closed. This marks the end of your accident management journey with us.

No cost to you

There’s no cost to you

If you're not at fault in an accident, using an accident management company like ours means theres no cost to you for your claim. This is a major advantage compared to claiming through your own insurance, where you'd typically have to pay your policy excess.

We take care of all the costs, from repairs to the replacement vehicle. You can focus on recovering from the accident without worrying about any financial burden.

We Follow Industry Guidelines

We're a member of the Credit Hire Organisation (CHO), which means we adhere to their General Terms of Agreement (GTA) rates. These are industry standards for how much we can charge for hire cars. By following these rules, we make sure our prices are fair and reasonable, which helps your claim go smoothly.

GTA Rates
General Terms of Agreement (GTA) rates

The General Terms of Agreement (GTA) set clear rules for the cost of hire cars. This helps protect both you and the insurance company by ensuring that prices are fair and reasonable for everyone involved.

By following these rules, we demonstrate our commitment to ethical business practices and industry standards.

Why This Benefits You:

Working within the GTA framework shows insurers that we are a trustworthy company that follows the rules. This helps your claim move forward smoothly and increases the chances of a positive outcome for you.

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