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Frequently asked questions

Will I get a like-for-like replacement?

One of the key benefits of making a non-fault claim through an accident management company is that we provide a comparable vehicle to your own at no cost to you. You won’t be left without a vehicle. You’ll be given a car that closely matches, or even exceeds, the specifications of your current vehicle.

A Comparable Vehicle, Not Necessarily a ‘Like-for-Like Replacement’

The goal of an accident management company is to minimise the impact of a non-fault claim on your daily life, and one of the most significant factors in achieving that is the replacement vehicle you’ll be given.

While the replacement vehicle may not be an exact “like-for-like” match, rest assured that it will be closely comparable in specification to your own vehicle. We source these replacement cars either from our own extensive fleet or through a cross-hire arrangement, aiming to match, or if we struggle to match then we’ll aim to exceed, the features and performance of your original vehicle.

Comparable Replacement Vehicle
No Cost To The Non-Fault Driver

No Cost to the Non-
Fault Driver

One of the most reassuring aspects of our service is that the provision of a comparable replacement vehicle comes at no cost to you, the non-fault driver.

This is because all costs associated with the replacement vehicle are claimed back from the third-party insurance company, against the policy of the at-fault driver. In other words, you can enjoy the benefits of a comparable car without worrying about the financial impact.

This is possible because of our Credit Hire Service Agreement. Essentially, credit hire is a specialised service where we provide you with a replacement vehicle while deferring the costs. These deferred costs are then claimed back from the third-party insurance company, against the policy of the at-fault driver, as part of your non-fault claim settlement.

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