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How long do I get the car for?

After a non-fault accident, the driver will keep a replacement vehicle for the entire duration that their own car is off the road and being repaired, or until the settlement is received to purchase a new vehicle.
This is a primary benefit of making a non-fault car accident claim through an accident management company.

Replacement vehicle for the entire claim duration, at no cost.

The UK accident market’s solution of credit hire enables and entitles the non-fault driver to keep a comparable replacement vehicle without immediate payment, as the cost is later recovered from the at-fault party’s insurer.

A non-fault driver can keep this replacement vehicle until their own car has been satisfactorily repaired or until they’ve been compensated to buy a new one, if their car is written off.

The claim duration timescale can vary, from weeks to months, depending on the complexities involved in the case and how quickly the claim is processed.

Keeping The Replacement Car
Replacement Vehicle Legal Rights

The legal framework for your replacement vehicle rights.

The principle of ‘mitigation of loss’ applies in the case of a non-fault accident. ‘Mitigation of loss’ is a key legal principle that aims to reduce the overall damage or harm suffered by an injured party.

In the context of a car accident where you are not at fault, the provision of a replacement vehicle by an accident management company can be seen as a form of mitigating your loss. Without a vehicle, you could suffer additional losses—such as the cost of public transportation, the inconvenience of not being able to drive to work, and the potential loss of income due to this inconvenience. These are known as “consequential losses,” and they can add up quickly.

By using a replacement vehicle, you’re taking active steps to minimise these additional losses, thus fulfilling your obligation to mitigate loss. This is an action that the law not only supports but often requires, and it’s a point that could be critical in your claim process. By providing you with a comparable replacement vehicle, the accident management company aids in fulfilling this legal obligation.

When the replacement vehicle needs returning.

The timeline for returning the replacement vehicle is based on accident circumstances:

If the vehicle is repairable

In cases where the damaged vehicle can be repaired, the non-fault driver is entitled to keep the replacement car until their own vehicle is fully restored. Once their original car is returned to them, the replacement vehicle will be collected within a 24-hour timeframe. The non-fault driver does not have to concern themselves with returning the temporary vehicle; this is handled by the accident management company.

If the vehicle was a total loss

When a vehicle is declared a total loss, the non-fault driver may retain the replacement vehicle until the third-party insurer has finalised the total loss settlement. After receiving the settlement, the non-fault driver is given a 7-day grace period to acquire a new vehicle, during which they can continue using the replacement car. At the end of this 7-day window, the replacement vehicle will be collected.

Returning The Replacement
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