Accident Management Cumbernauld.

Auto Claims Assist Ltd is a long-established, award-winning provider of Accident Management Cumbernauld. Accident management services are also often referred to as claims management services or credit hire services. We are one of the most trusted accident management companies in Cumbernauld, throughout the UK and on TrustPilot. We have built up a well respected and highly recommended reputation throughout the accident management industry for Accident Management Cumbernauld.

Trusted Accident Management Company, UK

Accident Management Services Cumbernauld

Our Accident Management Company Cumbernauld.

Our Accident Management Company Cumbernauld

We assist thousands of drivers every year in Cumbernauld.

By resolving their road traffic accident claims independently of their insurers; providing more reliable and better assistance.

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The benefits of choosing an Accident Management Company in Cumbernauld, especially Auto Claims Assist are:

Rated Excellent on Trustpilot

Using us means no cost for you!

24/7 Nationwide Recovery & Storage

24/7 Nationwide recovery & storage.

Dedicated Claims Handler

UK based dedicated claims handlers.

Award Winning>

Award-Winning and FCA Regulated.

No Claims Bonus Not Affected

Your no claims bonus won't be affected.

Avoid Paying Your Insurance Excess

Avoid paying your insurance excess.

Like For Like Replacement

Receive a comparable replacement vehicle.

Manufacturer Approved Engineers & Parts

Manufacturer-approved engineers and Access to a national repair network.

Being Involved In A Non Fault Accident

As someone who has just been involved in a road traffic accident.

It’s much more beneficial to let an accident management company in Cumbernauld like ourselves manage your claim through our accident management services Cumbernauld because we are the ones who are on your side. Don’t settle for less – let Auto Claims Assist help you.

Auto Claims Assist Expert Team

Auto Claims Assist has established a professional, well trained, expert team.

A professional, expert team of claims handlers who are ready to specifically help you with Accident Management Cumbernauld.

Accident Management

The accident management process for accident management services in Cumbernauld is actually much more straightforward than you might think. In fact, it’s much easier than dealing with a road traffic accident on your own.

As experts and professionals of accident management services in Cumbernauld since 2009, we have developed a streamlined, easy client journey to make things as smooth as possible for you as the client. We operate throughout the UK and have established a network to effectively manage your claim after a road traffic accident.

The three main steps to our accident management Cumbernauld client journey are:

Get In Touch

Get In Touch:

The first step is to get in touch. Our claims handlers are friendly professionals who have worked handling accident claims for years now, with a team of expert claims managers to support them through the process as well. We’ll take the details of the accident and get the ball rolling for you, while you sit back and let us do the hard work
(oh… and at no cost to you at all).

Like For Like Vehicle Replacement

Comparable vehicle replacement:

It’s likely that after an accident you will require a replacement vehicle. Should you choose to go down the insurance route rather than using accident management services in Cumbernauld, you may find that you get stuck with a very low-spec vehicle, not matching the value to your own vehicle.

This isn’t acceptable and is another reason why people choose to use Auto Claims Assist for their Accident Management Services in Cumbernauld. We provide a comparable vehicle to match the value and spec of your own so that you’re not stuck without! (oh… once again, at no cost to you!)

Repair Management

Repair management:

Over the past 10+ years, our team of repair management experts as part of our accident management services Cumbernauld have established a UK wide repair network of over 400+ manufacturer approved garages. This means you know that your vehicle is in professional, capable hands and we’ll manage the entire process for you.

Continue below to read more about what else our accident management services Cumbernauld consists of and how we help you through this road traffic accident process.

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Reasons to choose an accident management company in Cumbernauld after an accident.

There are many reasons why you should choose to use an accident management company in Cumbernauld if you have been involved or are ever involved with a road traffic accident. Below is a range of services that we offer at Auto Claims Assist to help get you recovered and back on the roadside as quickly as possible. We perform all of the below at no cost to you, the non-fault party, because on behalf of you, we recover all of the costs and losses from the at-fault parties insurance company.

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Vehicle Recovery Cumbernauld.

Vehicle Recovery

The scenario that nobody wants to experience is to be left stranded roadside after a car or motorbike accident without recovery when your car is not road worthy.

As part of our Accident management services Cumbernauld, at no cost to you, we offer a 24/7 vehicle recovery service to ensure that you aren’t stuck at the roadside after a road traffic accident.

Our 24/7 vehicle recovery service Cumbernauld offers nationwide recovery, so it doesn’t matter if you do have an accident in Cumbernauld or anywhere else around the country; we can help you get back home safely.

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Comparable vehicle replacement Cumbernauld.

Like-For-Like Vehicle Replacement

As mentioned above, some people don’t realise it but your insurance policy doesn’t usually come with a ‘comparable’ guarantee, which leaves you and your family without the same spec, size and value vehicle that you worked very hard to accomplish. Sometimes, you may even get left without a replacement vehicle altogether after a road traffic accident.

This is why our accident management services Cumbernauld are a MUST for people wanting to still commute in a comparable vehicle. Also, if your claim is a non-fault road traffic accident, there is no cost to you whatsoever for this; it’s something you are entitled to.

In-house, we have a vast range of ready-to-use replacement vehicles which cover all types of spec, value and size. Don’t leave your replacement vehicle to chance! Speak to one of our expert claim handlers today about your replacement vehicle requirements and we’ll ensure you’ll be happy with the outcome.

Read more about our Comparable Replacement Services Cumbernauld
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Vehicle Storage after an accident Cumbernauld.

Accident Management Vehicle Storage

Something that some people don’t consider is “where is my vehicle stored through the Accident Management Cumbernauld process” and it’s important that your vehicle is kept safe and secure during its repair.

As part of our accident management Cumbernauld services, we have dedicated safe and secure storage facilities, only accessible to our staff – the people who are looking after and managing your accident claim. By doing this, we also have full control and access to your vehicle to ensure there are no delays in transportation or accessing your vehicle. Giving you peace of mind that the accident management process is at its speediest.

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Vehicle Repair after an accident Cumbernauld.

Accident Vehicle Repair

As of 2020, there were approx. 21,565 motor vehicle repair workshops throughout the United Kingdom (source: Statista) but finding a trustworthy vehicle repair garage can sometimes be a gruelling task. In addition; when you put your claim through your insurance company, sometimes they don’t allow you to choose who the repairer is. The result: Your car isn’t being repaired under your control.

When you choose to work with Auto Claims Assist for accident management Cumbernauld services, we have a trusted, manufactured approved network of repair garages through the UK from which you can pick from. Through this, you know that your vehicle is in expert care.

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Personal Injury after a road traffic Accident.

Accident Personal Injury

Auto Claims Assist don’t have internal solicitors to deal with your Personal Injury Claims In Cumbernauld after a road traffic accident but as part of our accident management services Cumbernauld, we refer you to our panel of external solicitors who we have personally built up and assessed over 10+ years while dealing with accident management Cumbernauld services.

Through experience on cases and working closely with you, we are proud to say that our panel is made up of some of the UK’s best personal injury solicitors to handle your road traffic accident personal injury claim.

Read more about our Personal Injury Services Cumbernauld
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Dedicated claims handler after an accident in Cumbernauld.

Claims Handler

As a company, we’re proud to have invested a lot of time and effort into our customer experience and customer journey for accident management Cumbernauld. Over the past 10+ years, we have established a professional team of expert claims handlers who are dedicated and passionate about ensuring that all Auto Claims Assist customers are treated with respect and priority in all road traffic accident situations.

To create a better, more personal experience, we ensure that you receive a dedicated claims handler throughout your claims management process. Someone who knows the claim knows the situation and can monitor it for you for the entirety of its process. It ensures that you know you can reach out to someone who you can trust and ensures that you don’t feel left in limbo or alone during the uncertain time of a road traffic accident.

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Questions that people ask:

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Why do people use accident management companies?

An accident management company offers start-to-finish handling of a claim for someone who has been involved in a road traffic accident. One of the main benefits of using an accident management company is the accident management advice that you receive. For the at-fault party in an accident, using their insurance company is the only option. However, for the not-at-fault party, going through their insurance company isn’t the most effective decision to make because it can affect their no claims bonus and insurance premiums.

An accident management company will lower the risk for your case through expertise, accident management solutions and the correct processes. Auto claims assist also have dedicated accident management software to ensure efficiency. Having that professional hand to hold during the process to give the guidance you need to navigate through your claim to come out to the end as least affected as possible.

The best part is: there are no costs to the not-at-fault party in the accident for using an accident management company, and they don’t even need to pay their excess! All costs are covered by the at-fault parties insurer.

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What do claims management companies do and how do they work?

As a step-by-step process, a claims management company (or also known as an accident management company) will initially collect all of the information and details of the road traffic accident. The next priority is to ensure that the non-fault party receives a comparable vehicle replacement ASAP. Auto Claims Assist also offer a 24hr accident management service with 24/7 accident management phone lines.

Vehicle repair and storage is the next step: Carrying out a vehicle damage assessment and understanding any personal injuries that may have occurred, ensuring that the vehicle is properly repaired and stored while working with a panel of qualified, specialist personal injury solicitors to provide proper care of your injuries and losses.

Finally, an accident management company will recover all of the non-fault party costs and losses, as well as conclude the full legal claim.

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How much will an accident management company cost me?

As a non-fault party looking to use an accident management company, the use of an accident management company is no cost to you. As part of our claims management service, we ensure that all costs and losses are covered by the at-fault parties insurance company. Using an accident management company truly is a no-brainer.

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What is a credit hire company?

A credit hire company is typically another name used for an accident management company or a claims management company. If a road traffic accident wasn’t your fault, you’re able to use a credit hire company. The credit hire company will pay for your car to be repaired but will also pay the cost of you hiring a comparable vehicle replacement to use in the meantime.

They also ensure that you don’t need to pay an insurance excess. Additionally, they have expert personal injury partner solicitors who will handle all of your legal cases as well as your personal injury; all covered by the credit hire company.

The credit hire company will then claim back all of these costs from the at-fault parties insurance company.

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Do I need a claims management company?

After a non-fault accident, you don’t NEED to use a claims management company (credit hire company) but it is highly advised that you do so. This is because an established claims management company has years of experience and fully understand the claims process after a road traffic accident.

3 of the most beneficial reasons for using a claims management company are:

  • You will not have to pay an insurance excess when you use a claims management company
  • You will be provided with a comparable vehicle replacement, very quickly, at no cost to you if you use a claims management company.
  • Using a claims management company is at no cost to you. All of the costs and losses are covered by the at-fault party’s insurance.
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Is claims management regulated by the FCA?

Back in 2019, the FCA (financial conduct authority) became a new regulator of all Claims management businesses (CMCs). During the same time, the Financial Ombudsman Service became responsible for resolving customer disputes about Claims Management Businesses. Offering further assistance and assurances to the general public considering using a claims management company.

Auto Claims Assist is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under reference FRN830899.

The next step.

Depending on where you are up to in your accident management process is all depending on where your next step lays.

If you are currently roadside and require recovery, our telephone line has an out of hours option which will help you get straight through to our 24/7 roadside recovery team. After calling this number, you’ll shortly be recovered and back to a safe place. Please call 0330 128 1407.

Accident Management Company Cumbernauld

If your process has already begun, but you’re performing some research into the road traffic accident and accident management process, wondering if accident management is for you, then we highly advise that your next step be to get in touch.

Your phone call with us gets you through to one of our initial claims handlers who can provide all of the information you need about accident management, about auto claims assist and answer any questions you may have – helping you to understand if accident management services in Cumbernauld are the right thing for you.

Speaking to our team is completely no obligation and we are here to help you to make the best decisions. Alternatively, if you’d like us to arrange a call back with you, please fill out your details here: Request a Callback and one of our team will be in touch very quickly to discuss your concerns, thoughts and questions.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Request a callback.
One of our advisors will call you back. Or, call us now on 0330 128 1407.

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