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    Step 1

    Call the emergency services and make sure that everyone in the incident is safe and secure. Stay dry, stay warm, stay safe.
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    Step 2

    Straight after the incident, make notes. Make sure you collect driver details and make a detailed version of events (as best as possible).
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    Step 3

    Contact Auto Claims Assist immediately. We can take care of it from there! We will make sure you have a replacement vehicle and anything else you need. We have you covered.
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    What if I am involved in a non-fault car accident?

    There are a few things that you can do immediately after an accident to prove your innocence in a non-fault accident.

    Make a note of all the vehicles involved in the accident, including the driver’s details, number plate and insurance details – if possible.

    Take photos with your phone so you have exact details of the scene, including images of the third party vehicle showing the damage incurred as a result of the accident.

    Speak to anyone who may have witnessed the accident and get their details, so that they can attest to the fact that you were not at fault.

    Head to the hospital so that your injuries can be adequately treated and documented officially. Some injuries are superficial at first glance but have long-term effects, and the hospital can consider this and note it down if that is the case. You could need that information later in the claims process.

    Contact Auto Claims Assist and we will deal with everything on your behalf.

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    Did you know?

    Using your own insurer could leave you worse off after a non-fault accident.

    Making a claim can lead to increased premiums.

    By law you have the right to choose how you claim. If you make a claim on your insurance, your claim will be classed as open until all the costs have been recovered by your insurer.  It could take at least 12 months for your insurer to recover all their losses. Your premium may increase anywhere between 20% to 50% regardless of whether it’s fault or non-fault, as you are seen as higher risk. In addition this could have an affect on your future policies for the next  5 years because when renewing insurers ask for your claims history over this period. (Source RAC)

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    Very helpful and prompt team. Kept me in the loop and included in the process. Friendly and approachable. Made what is always a difficult experience as easy as possible.
    Definately would recommend. I'd like to thanks Ron and the team. Everything was taken care of very quickly and efficiently. Nothing was to too much trouble. From start to finish I felt informed and they really have taken the stress out of the the situation. Thank you!
    Joseph Taft
    Great service! David who helped me through it all was brilliant, very thorough and it was a really smooth and quick process. Would happily go through Auto Claims Assist again if needed (hopefully not 😅)
    Luke Riley
    An overall brilliant experience, it was my first time in an accident and they were extremely helpful. From the women I spoke to on the phone who were very clear, informative and happy. To the services and the swiftness they were provided.
    Adam Timmaz Timney
    An absolutely outstanding service from a Wonderful girl called Rebecca helping me along with a none fault claim! she was an absolute delight to speak to nothing was a hassle for her or an issue I was made to feel very supported and reassured she dealt with my case efficiently and quickly with zero Stress on my behalf! She’s a true asset to the company!
    Mark Zammit CtrlAltDelicious
    My claim was dealt with quickly and professionally. They explain everything that they are doing and help you understand things even if it's your first time
    Mark Newland
    My no fault claim was dealt with efficiently and very quick . Very impressed with the service I received.
    Lulu Camii
    Outstanding service... I am exceptionally pleased with the service from Auto Claims Assist. My non fault claim was dealt with efficiently and stress free. Ron kept me up to date with the progression of the claim and I was very happy with the outcome. I highly recommend.
    Dave Plummer
    After my serious accident last week the service I have received from Steven and Ron has been outstanding. Easy to get hold off and very knowledgeable of the industry. I was seriously injured so having this team work my complex case has been stress free for me and Has gave me the time to concentrate on my recovery. Thank you guys 👍
    Great service was sorted quickly and was great that could just text any problems to them rather than call them thank you for your help

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