Our Frequently Asked Question: Why do people use accident management companies?

An accident management company offers start-to-finish handling of a claim for someone who has been involved in a road traffic accident. One of the main benefits of using an accident management company is the accident management advice that you receive.

For the at-fault party in an accident, using their insurance company is the only option. However, for the not-at-fault party, going through their insurance company isn’t the most effective decision to make because it can affect their no claims bonus and insurance premiums.

An accident management company will lower the risk for your case through expertise, accident management solutions and the correct processes. Auto claims assist also have dedicated accident management software to ensure efficiency. Having that professional hand to hold during the process to give the guidance you need to navigate through your claim to come out to the end as least affected as possible.

The best part is: there are no costs to the not-at-fault party in the accident for using an accident management company, and they don’t even need to pay their excess! All costs are covered by the at-fault parties insurer.